Oils for Healthy Hair
Q1: What ingredient in your old hair products shocked you the most?
Sami: Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS). It was the second ingredient in my bottle of Suave shampoo. SLS is one of the key ingredients in commercial detergents used to clean car garage floors and industrial ovens. It’s attributed to skin irritation and disruption of skin’s oil balance, sores in the mouth, and eye damage. It is also known to contribute to acne/cyctic acne.
And I was massaging that into my scalp once a day. Lather, rinse, repeat. .
SJ: Parabens, PEGs, and Fragrance. Parabens are known to be found in cancerous tumors Parabens mimic the action of estrogen cells*. And PEGs and “Fragrance” which “may” contain cancer-causing impurities and irritation. Great.

Q2: Have you had success with all-natural products on your hair (before oils and DIY?)
Sami: Trader Joe’s has a nice tea tea tingle shampoo and conditioner made with safe ingredients. I’ve loved that. I’ve made fun hair masques with items found in my kitchen. I’m on the hunt for an all-natural hair oil since my hair gets very dry and so many oils and glosses have “fragrance (parfum)” which could mean anything.
SJ: Until I started researching organic foods/products in May 2015, I bought things based on the “bargain.” The cheaper I could get things the better! Now, I realize that those 99¢ shampoos and conditioners have artificial coloring, fragrance, parabens, sulfa-whatchamacallits in them. Over years of use, they had totally wrecked my system. When I started “ditching and switching” my products for organic, I was in-between jobs with bills to pay. But I found that the money I thought was being wasted on organic products actually went further because I use LESS of  the product. Not to mention, less hospital visits in the future, which are certainly more expensive than the cost of healthy living now.

Q3: What products have you made yourself? What YL products have you tried? How do they work for you?
Sami: I really like the YL Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner. One bottle lasts FOREVER. The shampoo is good, its just not going to lather for you. I add some organic vegetable glycerin to the bottle to get suds and that’s fine. My hair actually went through a detox when I switched to YL products. It was hysterical, but happens to a lot of people. I had ringlets for about a week, which is not my natural hair. Your hair balances back out. It’s just so happy to be rid of the chemicals  I love Melissa Poepping’s Sweet Sassy Hair Spray which is a wonderful volumizer and contains only essential oils and vodka….tipsy tresses.
SJ: In May 2016 I joined the YL essential oil community and their support inspired me to look hard at the conventional products I was still blindly using. This past summer, I had a theatre gig where I had my hair sprayed into an  up-do. I was also working full-time an hour away, and would often collapse into bed with my hair still up. I woke up with severe headaches, and I realized it was from the hairspray, which had PEGs, fragrance, and other toxins. My eyes were opened. I needed to make changes NOW for my health.
I made my own hairspray and guess what? No headaches. (Check out my website for the recipeWe recently made the Sweet and Sassy Hair Volumizer, which I love! THREE MONTHS ago I bought YL’s lavender shampoo and conditioner (See what I mean about healthy-living being more cost-effective overall?). I like it because the clary-sage and lavender EOs support hair strength and growth, which is essential for thin-hair blondes like me. I also am taking the supplements Sulferzyme to support my hair, nails, and skin.

Q4: Are there any single oils or blends that you apply directly to your hair? How do they work?
Sami: Ylang Ylang applied to the scalp and then worked through to the ends. My hair reacted so well to this oil. The French have used it in their hair for years, and it does help with split ends (in my experience). I use Rosemary too right on the hairline and scalp.
SJ: Besides having the oils in my hair products I make or buy, I have not ventured into using single oils directly on my hair. I need to find something for split ends, so I may have to try Sami’s Ylang Ylang suggestion!

Q5: Anything else?
Sami: The first step is to just get the toxic junk out of your house. Study your labels, Google them, do you own research.
SJ: Don’t be afraid of the initial investment. You are a steward of your body and worth taking care of. If that isn’t motivation enough for you, then understand that until you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of others to the extent you are called to. Changing my hair products, food, etc. created a ripple effect to my family, and they also became better educated and started making healthy choices for themselves. BE the change you want to see in the world. *Hair flip.*

*The Chemical Free Home by Melissa Poepping, pg 7


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