5 Uses for Thieves Cleaner (besides wiping down your counter)
If you love Thieves oil for immune system support, you're going to love this.

Young Living created an all-purpose cleaning product formulated with the power of Thieves oil. It is a plant-based, eco-friendly cleaner that does its job with natural botanicals like lemon, cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus.

In our house, we have successfully replaced other toxic cleaning products from our life with this one bottle.
The cleaner is usually diluted in warm water and can be used in a BPA-free spray bottle. The dilution ratio for this cleaner to a bottle of water is incredibly low; each full bottle budgets out to less than a $1. Try finding a bottle of Clorox for less than $1. And can I say it again? This is safe for the environment, and it is safe safe safe for you and your body (we even know a woman who accidentally drank a mug of it thinking it was tea....don't do that....she was fine though).

Aside from the obvious (spray your counters), here are five slightly unconventional ways I've used Thieves cleaner. Have fun, Cinderella!

1. Spritz your yoga mat.
I had a yoga teacher tell me that it was good to have a dirty mat covered in skin cells, dirt, and sweat from multiple uses because you were less likely to slip around.

UM, EW. 

No thank you, I think it needs a regular rinse. Thieves cleaner is safe for your mat, and cleanses away all the sweat and grossness from your hot yoga sesh. Keep a bottle near your mat, you can always spritz it on after class.

If you want to do a deep clean, I fill a large bucket with warm water and mix in two cap-fulls of the cleaner. Throw your mat over a railing or clothes line, and slowly pour the water and Thieves over it, gently scrubbing away with your hand. Rinse the mat again with another bucket of warm water and leave to dry. Bonus: The cleaner is plant based, so the run off will have no effect on the environment!

2. Wipe your electronics.
Phones are pretty disgusting. You grab a door knob, and grab your phone. You use the toilet while using your phone (never understood this one). You handle money, you grab your phone. You walk around the city, get on the subway, and grab your phone....and then you bring your phone into the kitchen and check it while you handle food, or put all those germs up to your face to talk.

This is an easy one. Turn your phone off to start. Spritz a paper towel with Thieves cleaner mixed with water in a spray bottle. Don't drench the towel, just get it a little damp. Start on the back of the phone where the case is and your hand often rests. Wipe off the case. Then, very lightly, wipe off the screen.
You can also use lightly run a Thieves-spritzed paper towel across your computer keyboard. Again, don't drench the towel, spritz it a few times and make sure it isn't dripping any liquids.

3. Furniture polish.
I have a dark wood work desk which means every fingerprint shows up. Once a week, I spritz it with Thieves cleaner, and polish away the grime. The oils in the cleaner are fine for most woods, and leave it looking conditioned and bright, but if you are dealing with an antique, spot test it first.

4. Luggage and Purse Cleaner.
I just got back from hauling my roller luggage all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. My poor bag was rolled through the streets, and sat in God-knows-what on the subway. When I got home, I emptied it of its contents, and sprayed the heck out of it. Thieves cleaner is safe on most fabrics (again, spot test if you're nervous). I can spray and wipe, close it up, and let it sit in Thieves-y goodness until next time. This works wonders for inside my smelly, sweaty gym bag.

This is also good for most purses, which we set on the floor in public spaces (like bathrooms) and then come home and throw it on the kitchen table or counter. I spray and wipe my bag directly, but if you're toting Marc Jacobs around, spot test with a paper towel first.

5. Car Cleaner
Cars can get really nasty, especially if you eat in them. The problem is, when I go to the car wash for a full service, I get back into my freshly cleaned car and have to roll the windows down to let out the fumes from commercial grade bleaches and antibacterial sprays. It is HARSH, baby.

Take the spray to your dashboard. Wipe off handles, the gear shift, console, the wheel, everything. You don't have to worry about noxious chemicals; its all plant based. If you drive a priceless antique car, spot test on the interior - I don't want to be blamed for that one ;)

I use this stuff every dang day. E'ry day. Can I tell you that I'm loving the results? The best part is no longer breathing in those horrifying chemicals that come in our commercial cleaning products. No more headaches while cleaning the bathroom, no more wondering if bleach on my counter was getting on the veggies I am chopping. That worry is gone-zo.

Interested in getting a bottle? Hit me up, I'll hook you up ;)

Be well, dumplings.


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