YL products I DON’T love and how I made them work for me.


And then, there are a couple of products that I’m just ‘meh’ about.

I don’t doubt that they are wholesome, 100% pure, safe, or effective. I’ve never doubted that for a second because I know that every product is held to Young Living’s Seed to Seal protocol. From the selected seeds planted in toxin-free, dormant earth on farms we own or co-op, to the seedlings weeded by hand (never with pesticide), to the bottling process and rigorous third-party testing, Young Living products are the purest oils on the market. I can say that without hesitation.

But if you’ve spent your entire life using products laced with chemicals, potions, and toxins, the switch to all-natural is an adjustment. And I want to be honest with you. Even though I use and love Young Living oils and products every single day, there are some that just aren’t my favorite. I’m not a saleswoman. I’m a woman who has adopted an all-natural, healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, even the best needs a personal tweak.
Here are the two products I haven’t loved, and how I’ve made them work for me:

Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo
  • Smells delicious, and has essential oils that absorb directly into your noggin (like calming Copaiba).
  • My curls CAME TO LIFE. I’ve always had wavy hair, but after ditching my old shampoo (which was weighing my hair down with fillers), my curls are shinier and bouncier.
  • Free of parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Polysorbates or any of the other chemicals found in shampoos/conditioners. And, incidentally, in insecticides, and commercial oven cleaners. It’s important to think about what is in your shampoo and conditioner because the pores are large on your scalp, and your brain is, ya know…right there.
Cons: Not a lot of lather. My hair strands are thin, and I workout almost every day. Oil collects quickly, and if its not washed daily, it gets gross. I need some lather to lift oils away. Understanding that lather agents (like Cocamidopropyl Betaine) in most shampoos have actually been linked to higher toxicity levels in the body, and allergic reactions over extended use  I’m actually OK with there not being a lot of suds. 
My tweak: Add about a tablespoon of  vegetable glycerin. Pour into the shampoo and give the bottle a shake. The glycerin creates suds that are safe to apply externally and are fine for your scalp.

DiGize Essential Oil
Pros: Supports digestive health and can be taken before meals as a supplement to support overall wellness.
Cons: Smells like unwashed hippies. It does. It’s the patchouli and fennel oils in the blend.
My tweak: Apply it to the bottom of your feet so you can’t smell it, or add it into a veggie capsule and take the DiGize Vitality internally. You won’t taste it, and it won’t repeat on you.

So out of over 500 products and oils, I only dislike two. That’s not bad  Leave a comment below and tell me what oils you have loved and which you are learning to like.
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