Summer Recipe #1: Chub Rub Oil
I want to be super real with you right now.

For the first time in my 27 years of life, I have experienced that condition which plagues billions of women every summer. The Chub Rub. You know what I'm talking about, and don't pretend you don't. Even if you have that Instagram thigh gap thing going for you, heat + sweat + ridiculously short shorts that are somehow still in style + walking or playing outside = Chub Rub. And it sucks.

This is my first summer experiencing something like this, and it isn't even chub that's the rub. Since I started lifting weights last August, the shape of my thighs has changed. They haven't gotten bigger, they've just shaped out differently. That wasn't a problem for me until I hit the Utah heat and had to walk several miles every day in a skirt. Holy. Milfred. Why does it feel like I went barrel jumping on a cactus saddle? By the end of the week, I was walking like John Wayne. It wasn't sexy. Not even a little. 

I had a limited stash of oils with me, so I threw together this quick recipe to support the....problem. I applied it twice. Once before bed and once in the morning. It helps to sleep with this on and wear loose fitting PJ bottoms to bed. 

So yeah, my thighs touch, and that makes me a mermaid, so who is the real winner here?

Chub Rub Oil
  • 1 tbs. Organic Sweet Almond Oil 
  • 2 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil*
  • 3 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil*
  • 2 drops of Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil*
  • Optional: 1-2 drops of Young Living Copaiba Essential Oil*
Mix together (can even be in the palm of your hand) and apply to the area. The Peppermint will cool a little bit, so please be cautious to put it on the inner thighs only and not on your lady bits. Trust me on that. Thighs only.
Good luck, girls! Be well.

*Disclaimer: I only use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I do not use or recommend any other oils. The oils mentioned in the recipe below are from Young Living and I cannot attest to the effectiveness of any other brand. If you choose to use an oil that is NOT Young Living, you are responsible for reading the labels and following the instructions on the bottle.


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