Oils for Exercise
We’re all supposed to do it, but how does an oily girl get her pulse pumping?
Q1: As 20-something-year-old women, what is the value of exercise?
Sami: I’m in my 20’s now, but I won’t be forever. I want to build a foundation of healthy living now by being a good steward of my body, so that when I’m 30, 40, 50, exercise and other healthy habits will be second nature. I’m also hooked on the endorphins that are a natural result of exercise. It’s amazing to see what your body can actually do. We really are fearfully and wonderfully made.
SJ: I used to be very active in high school and throughout college, and I took my fitness (and dancer calves… oh I miss them!) for granted. After college, the job hunt became all encompassing, and then when I got a job, all I could think about was rest…And rest… And more resting after the working! The ironic thing is, the resting I would strive to get was often stolen by running around doing errands, going to theatre rehearsals, and struggling to reach various goals with a half-nourished, half-sleep deprived body. Oh, and fit body? Forget that. However, to be ready for the future I want, I have to prepare in the present. I want a future body that is energized, strong, and ready to take care of others and go whenever and wherever God tells me to. Exercise is going to be a huge part of accomplishing that.

Q2: What are your favorite ways to feel the burn?
Sami: Cardio or dance. It’s my time to get the creative juices flowing, and tune out. I also like the feeling of accomplishment after lifting weights.  I love, love, love Krav Maga for how strong and ferocious it makes me feel, and at-home barre class for toning my little muscles. I don’t really do yoga, but I stretch everyday, and sometimes throw Pilates moves in there too, cause…abs.
SJ: I have had a love/hate relationship with Pilates for a long time. I like how it makes me feel stronger after just one set, and I like the METHOD with which it focuses on core work. I am not a crunches girl, I am a plank girl. Not because I like it in the moment, but I like the difference in strength and tone I notice after. Also, I love dance – mostly Musical Theatre Jazz and Irish dance. When I get back to dance class, I don’t even feel the pain until after. The music and focus on expression keeps my mind focused.

Q3: How have you incorporated oils into your workouts?
Sami: Panaway. Oh my goodness, especially for my quads. Those are the muscles that hurt the most and the longest, so I deep tissue massage Panaway and Wintergreen into my legs with a carrier like coconut oil. I also use R.C. on my chest before doing cardio, and put a drop of Peppermint in my water bottle. That combination gets me breathing like a warhorse and oxygenated muscles go farther for longer.  
SJ: I have just recently started using Panaway. Miracle. Worker. I carry a lot of tension to begin with, so it helps relieve that before a workout session, too. I love breathing in a drop of lavender from my hands post-workout. It helps calm my body and mind. The next thing I want to try is using either R.C. or Peppermint to open up my lungs before working out.

Q4: What other Young Living products have you used to support your exercise?
Sami: An ounce of Ninxgia Red with a drop of Grapefruit Vitality and Frankincense Vitality is my daily supplement, and I know it’s doing HUGE things to support all of my body’s systems. And the Cool Azul cream is fabulous post-workout.
SJ: What Sami said. Ningxia Red supports my energy and gets my blood oxygenated quickly. I take 2 oz. of that every morning and night. My personal “elixir” is a gutsy drop of Thieves, Lemon, and Digize EO in water or Ningxia Red. Whenever I feel run-down from getting up at 5am or after an 8-hr shift,  this little combo kicks my immune system back into gear and ready for a workout. (Sleep is also amazing and necessary for my body and mind to workout efficiently… Sleep is not a Young Living product, but dang it, I am sure Gary Young would concur.)

Q5: What exercises do you want to try?
Sami: Surfing. 
SJ: Barre!

Q6: What is exercise NOT for you?
Sami: A punishment. I eat well, but if I splurge, I’m not going to the gym to ‘work it off.’ I exercise to strengthen, tone, and exert my body so it can serve me well for years to come. I  know that, no matter how hard I work, I’m not going to be a 6-foot-tall swimsuit model. Genetics are code written into my cells, and I can’t change that with squats or green juices. I can only get that code working for me to its optimum capacity. It’s a beautiful thing to come to peace with your body while pushing it to its best. 
SJ: I tried this stiletto-dance workout one time at a dance festival… let’s just say there was so much poppin’ and lockin’ on tooth-pick-like heels I felt like a fish trying to walk on its fins


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