What to Expect When You Go Chemical Free


I say 'mostly' because its impossible to go through life without exposure to some chemicals unless you live on a deserted island #SamsRetirementPlan

I can't control everything that I'm exposed to (like the SLS-laced foaming hand soap in public bathrooms, or air fresheners in a store), but I can control what I purchase. I control what comes into my home and what goes on my body every day. So now, my shampoos, laundry detergent, cosmetics, skin care, house cleaner and dental care products are plant based, and I've got to tell you something...

Going chemical free has some surprising side effects. Here is what you can expect after a few months of ditching the chemicals. 

1. You'll be SO much more sensitive to smells 
After a year, I can now smell you before I see you. I'm serious. Over time, we become desensitized to the chemicals found in room sprays, colognes, plugins, and laundry softeners. We are bombarded with so many toxic fragrances and overpowering chemicals that our brain doesn't pick up on more subtle smells. After over a year living in a space that is free of chemicals, I can smell the fabric softener in your t-shirt from about 5 feet away. I can smell your deodorant (or if you ain't wearing none...), and if you're wearing body spray (dang you, Axe) I can smell you before you come in the room. That is how strong that crap is.

2. Your days at the perfume counter are over
I used to LOVE perfume and cologne. Love it. I'd stop at the perfume counter in the department stores and just sniff the bottles. Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry were my favorite. Now, when I walk past the perfume counter, I start sneezing like crrraaazy. The same thing happens if I go anywhere near the plug-in and air freshener aisle in Target. Sneezes galore, I can actually feel the itch start in my nostrils from about 10 feet away. And its not cause I'm some hippy holistic snob, I'm not. Your body was not made for exposure to the noxious cocktail of fake fragrances that exist in those blends, and it will let you know that.

3. You'll choose to skip the candles
Remember the days of meandering through Yankee Candles and sniffing the Mistletoe and Sugar Cookie jars? Yeah, that's done. Scented candles = poison bombs. To preserve a candle's scent and make it long lasting, many candle makers will add formaldehyde to the wax. Scented candles are also more likely to have wicks that have a lead core, because they burn longer. So now, you've lit formaldehyde and a lead lined wick on fire, set it on your end table, and occasionally go over and put yo face right over it for a big sniff. That is no good, boo. Diffuse high quality essential oils to freshen a room. It's just plants and water. 

4. You're body might start to feel less inflamed 
How? Because it's not fighting 100% of the time. It can just be a body, and your immune system can be rested and ready to do what is meant to do without battling 24/7. It doesn't know what bleach is. Bleach isn't real or natural, but it is certainly full of poisons (read the back). When that comes in contact with your body, your body has to go on the defensive which takes energy away from healing, growing, rebuilding.
Imagine you were trying to do your day job, and every day, your office was getting bombarded by hoards of psycho ninjas...you laugh, but think about it. You'd be in the middle of a meeting, trying to grow the company and get ish done, but every day ninjas were crashing through the windows, swinging swords around, and busting stuff up while you and your coworkers took shelter under desks and chairs.

That is your body on toxic overload. When you take the chemicals out of the equation (bye, ninja fools), your body can just do its job. It can excel, heal, grow, and do what it was made to do. 

Just cut out the crap
It can be baby steps. No one expects you to throw out everything in your pantry and replenish it over night. That's unrealistic. But take one step today.
  • Switch out your laundry detergent; YL's version is concentrated so you only need to use a tiny bit with each wash.
  • Switch out your toothpaste; that little tube lasts FOREVER and is free of toxic triclosan. 
  • Diffuse Young Living's Thieves instead of burning a cinnamon spice poison bomb candle. That 15ml bottle has over 300 drops in it.
  • Switch out you makeup (one of the biggest offenders when it comes to poisons) and try a mineral based one that lasts longer and gives something good to your skin while wearing it. 
  • Throw out the perfume, and try an essential oil as a fragrance. 
It's a wild journey, but its so worth it.
Questions? Hit me up! You know where I'm at.


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