Garden Saving Spray


When we were kids, we raised bunnies and I trained them to the point where they would cuddle up next to me and snooze. How freaking cute is that?  I LOVE bunnies.

I do not appreciate bunnies in my garden. Every friendship needs boundaries, and that boundary goes right around my garden. The family of rabbits residing in my backyard this year are struggling with those boundaries, and that is depressing because vegetables (even ones you plant yourself) can be expensive! Half the time, they just take a couple bites of something and leave it half-eaten on the ground. It’s like having toddlers with tails.

So, I whipped up this spray that is meant to be a deterrent. It is supposed to taste so terrible to the rabbits that they don’t munch my plants. It is never meant to hurt them. All of these ingredients are plant based (except for the vodka). The spray is safe enough for me to put on and around my body, and on my food. The rabbits and small critters are definitely not going to want to eat large quantities of this mix, so spray away! I did an experiment and sprayed all of the veggies in my garden except for a couple of tomatoes. The tomatoes have been nibbled. The other veggies haven’t. Boom, bunnies!

Garden Saving Spray
Mix the pepper, cleaner, vodka, Purification, and water into the glass spray bottle. Spray onto your veggies and you are good to go. You may have to reapply once a week depending on how much rain you are getting.


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