Amazon Juice
I. Drink. This. E’ry. Day. Every single day. 

I drink it once a day between meals as a refreshing pick-me-up instead of going for another coffee (which we all know I could totally do). I’m calling it Amazon Juice because it makes me feel like Wonder Woman if I’m faithful to take it. 

What’s in it?
  • 1 tsp. Young Living’s Sulfurzyme Powder
  • 2 drops Young Living Orange Vitality Oil
  • 3-4oz Young Living Ningxia Red
  • 10 fluid oz Club Soda
Mix together and sip. It is slightly sweet, bubbly, fruity, and does NOT taste like rotten eggs - I know you’re thinking stinky sulfa but this is very different and tastes great. 

Why drink this? *Organic, natural sulfur amino acids support healthy cells, skin, hormones, and enzymes (gut health). These aminos also produce something called glutathione which has a direct impact on your energy and focus levels, your immune system, your sleep quality, the quality of your hair, skin and nails, health of liver cells, and for athletes, it is a recovery God-send. Sounds pretty freaking magical, right? 

Sulfurzyme Powder is Young Living’s proprietary blend of Wolfberry (goji) fruit powder which is a natural prebiotic, as well as 8 grams of calcium, and FOS which is also a prebiotic. The type of dietary sulfur we are using is called MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). 

By mixing 1 tsp. of Sulfurzyme Powder with Ningxia Red (a puree of goji berries, organic superfruit juices, and citrus oils) you are providing an Amazon-size support to your body’s overall wellness. When I am faithful to drink this, I notice that my workouts are stronger, my recovery is quicker, my sleep is more satisfying, my nails and hair become a little hard to keep up with (mermaid hair anyone?), and my monthly cycles are much easier to manage. This is a phenomenal support to my overall wellness, energy and focus. And it tastes like a fizzy, fruity, goji soda so who’s gonna argue with that?

**What if I have a Sulfur allergy? There is medically no such thing as a Sulfur allergy - what you have is a Sulfa allergy. To say someone is allergic to Sulfur is like saying they are allergic to water or their own blood. It’s already in you. Sulfa on the other hand is a very real allergy. If you have a Sulfa allergy, please speak to your doctor before trying any new supplement. We do not use Sulfa in our Sulfurzyme Powder, but everyone will feel better if you talk to your primary care physician. Please also see the Disclaimers below.
Thanks Wonder Women <3 Enjoy!

*Where did you get this info? “Supplements Desk Reference” by Jen O’Sullivan, June 2019, pg. 148-149
**DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. Young Living products are not meant to cure or treat disease or ailments. I will not and can not prescribe or diagnose, and I am not making medical claims of any kind. This recipe is strictly coming from my own experience and research. Please do your own research in conjunction with advice from a trusted physician, and decide what is best for your body.
Please note that I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils because they are the purest on the market and the only ones I use. I cannot speak to, or recommend, the benefits of other oils. The essential oils used in this recipe are from Young Living. If you choose to use a different oil, you will have different results and I am not responsible for the outcome. 


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